Wooden Play Dough Stamps and Wooden trees Open-Ended Play Toys Handmade Stamp


Wooden Play Dough Stamps Open-Ended Play Toys Handmade Stamp Montessori Educational Game Play Dough Fun Activities for Children

It goes without saying that playdough activities for kids have many advantages. Soft and sticky, it encourages the development of fine motor skills, improves hand-eye coordination, and stimulates creativity, to mention a few benefits.

Our playdough stamps are a wonderful way for your little one to explore and learn through play!

These stamps can also be used in kinetic sand, and air dry clay. salt dough and for baking(with a gentle wipe and re-oil afterward)

Age: Recommended age 3+

Use under adult supervision.

Not recommended for use as a teething or chew toy.

Please do not leave story stones immersed in water or playdough.

Also, a beautiful Christmas decoration ornament 4 wooden tree set comes with paint pots. 

Made from natural hardwood, eco-friendly.

wooden trees are finely sanded smooth for easy painting or staining.

Perfect addition to add or complete your Christmas decorations.  Excellent for kids' DIY craft projects.

Decorate with markers, paint, felt, cloth, yarn, and more.