Diy rangoli making kit - handmade wooden block print craft

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A joy to behold, this DIY block printing kit is a gateway for children to discover the wonder of creating their own little masterpieces! It is an awesome amalgamation of storytelling, learning, and getting crafty all at once. This kit has been put together with much love and thought by a skilled Indian artisan. A 'rangoli' is a traditional Indian decorative pattern drawn during festivals and celebrations to beautify homes and entrances. To make the most of this kit, paint the carved sheesham wood blocks with the provided paint or any water paint shade of your choice. Then firmly press the painted wooden block onto the paper and carefully lift the block. Repeat this process for added color transfer and till you create your desired design. These wooden blocks could later be reused as printing stamps for stationery, recycled gift-wrapping paper, various other DIY crafts, labels, greeting cards, party invitations, journaling, and much more. The kit aims to educate children about the ancient art of hand block printing, practiced in India for centuries but with the welcome twist of telling their own stories along the way!
Material description
100% sheesham wood, non-toxic & water-based paints
Feature 1 For ages 5 and above
Length 6.8-inch Breadth 4.8 inch
Height 1.6 inch Weight 215 grams
Adult supervision is recommended. Certain items in this kit are natural and handmade, hence may have slight variations in color, size & shape. The kit comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual | The product packaging features the seller branding | The product packaging features the seller branding
Pack contents
4 wooden Rangoli blocks, set of 5 paints, 2 paint pads, 1 paintbrush, 8 exercise sheets, 1 fabric pouch, 2 information leaflets
Booklet By My Cool World introduces kids to Diwali, India's largest festival is known as the Festival of Lights. Kids may also read (or listen to, depending on their age) a story of how Diwali began--the epic of the noble blue-skinned Prince Rama and his great battle with the evil ten-headed demon King Ravana.