Transport Activity Kit with Book


Transport Activity Kit

What kid does not love Transport and Tools!. This pack makes a fantastic birthday gift or Christmas stocking stuffer and with its compact size and handy storage box, it is an ideal travel resource for all machine loving children!

Packaged in a heavy-duty cardboard box the fun begins before it is even opened! Inside the sturdy box, an abundance of puzzles, stamps, games and colouring cards is unveiled.  


The Transport Activity Kit contains two 4-piece Transport themed wooden puzzles. This is a square four-piece puzzle with a mode of Transport and its name. 

These puzzles assist in developing visual-spatial reasoning and problem solving skills. Manipulation of the pieces is fantastic for strengthening fine motor skills and cognitive processing speed.  

8 pieces - approx. 4cm x 4 cm per piece

Transport Stamps and Cutouts

The Transport Activity Kit contains three Transport stamps together with three cutouts. The top side of the stamp is engraved with a mode of Transport outline while the underside features a single layered laser engraved cutout which is thick enough to create a great impression in playdough, sand or similar materials.  The cut-out outline can be used as a craft stencil, developing fine motor skills by manipulating a pencil inside the space to draw the truck or car. Fantastic to engage independent play and exploration. What sensory base leaves the clearest impression? If you apply different pressure, how does the impression alter?

The stamps and cutouts are approximately 6cm x 6 cm and are randomly selected from a variety of designs

Transport Matching Puzzle

The Transport Activity Kit contains two 2-piece puzzles featuring beautiful vibrant images of modes of Transport, as well as their names.  They are a great introduction for young children to a variety of machines, some of which they might already be familiar with, as they can be found in or around our streets and towns.

4 pieces - approx. 11.5cm x 5.5cm

Transport Magnets

The Transport Activity Kit contains four wooden magnets. These colourfully printed discs with realistic images are a versatile learning tool to assist children with discovering and identifying these modes of Transport or Tools.

4 pieces - approx. 7cm x 6cm


Fun Dough is made in Australia, safe, non-toxic and washable, making it ideal for young children and early model making. Pastel colours make it appealing for children to create fun artwork using their hands and dough tools. Playing with dough is a sensory experience and also helps children develop hand to eye coordination and fine motor skills, making this a great activity for the classroom and home.

1 x 150g in tin (colour randomly selected)

Wooden Car

This handcrafted wooden car is sure to get this transport enthusiast excited.

1 x wooden car randomly selected

Double Sided Transport Colouring Card

1  piece - approx. 10cm x 15cm

Book Wheels

Rumbly wheels, grumbly wheels, Hauling-up-the-hill wheels. Wheels go fast, wheels go slow. Shout what’s coming, if you know!

On the heels of Dig, Dump, Roll, comes another interactive read-aloud from Sally Sutton and Brian Lovelock. In this story, a boy and his sister watch vehicles pass on a town street and have to guess what's coming, each time they see the wheels. In the end, they get to be the ones with wheels, as they ride their scooters away.

On the heels of Dig, Dump, Roll, comes another interactive read-aloud from Sally Sutton and Brian Lovelock. Size of a book might differ. 


These items come in a calico drawstring bag in a box.

All products are Australian Made and Owned.